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Garden With Class

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Program for school gardens toward smarter kids and healthier communities. The program is addressed to Primary Schools. The aim of the program is to exploit the potential of green areas near schools to gain an additional

Why do schools get our attention?

  • We want to reach the largest number of inhabitants

  • The school has a huge potential to influence young generations - later conscious inhabitants and citizens

  • School shapes children's awareness, vulnerability, habits and health

  • Working with children is a privilege and a duty

The positive effects of school garden

Learning in the garden has been proven to have a multidimensional and positive effect on students:

  • strengthens concentration of attention

  • increased enthusiasm for learning and improved academic performance

  • build the ability to communicate and solve problems

  • develops a sense of observation of nature and a sensitivity to the protection of the environment

  • gives pride, a sense of responsibility

  • reduces discipline problems

  • increases the quality and satisfaction of teachers' work

Assistant and help for teachers

  • book - Katja Maren Thiel „Children Design Garden”

  • game in nature - „Green Detective”

  • gardening aprons for children and teachers

  • tools

  • raised beds

  • garden soil to fill raised beds

  • seeds

  • workshops (f.e. planting plants)

Garden Awards

The aim of the program is to develop students 'and teachers' knowledge and skills in promoting good practices and broadly understood science knowledge. Individual levels of advancement are awarded with gardening certificates, from the first to the fourth level. To obtain the certificate, the school sends evidence (photos and description) documenting the fulfilment of the conditions of the next level certificate.

  • Certificate 1 garden design

  • Certificate 2 planted garden labeledplants and signed zones

  • Certificate 3 harvest crops

  • Certificate 4 each class had 1

An excerpt from the application for a 1st-certificate of the Special School and Educational Center No. 2 in Krakow:

“The main goal of our participation in the "Garden with class"

Garden With Class_
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