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Grassroot capacity building

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Capacity Building is a process the aim of which is to valorize the competencies and attitudes of a group or an individual.

Why is capacity building so important in the creation of a community?

Capacity Building allows the emersion of the talents and competencies of each individual in the group, and it’s very useful in two ways: on one hand it will empower the individual, making him or her more aware of its own hard and soft skills, on the other hand it will make the group more aware of the diversity of competences and individuals the group is made of.

Through Capacity Building the group will also be able to reflect on its expectations, aims and needs for the project they will be working on. Which is the contribution I want to bring to the project? What do I want to learn from this project? Questions like that will allow the group to be aligned on the project’s vision and goals, other than start defining their active role in it.

Capacity Building is a maieutic process in which the people involved constantly question the other people in the group in order to facilitate the emersion of their skills and issues. This exchange is fundamental on two fronts: to create a dynamic dialogue able to bring out unexpected answers and to strengthen the relations inside the group.


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