Green Detective

It's a simple, fun game that can be played anywhere ... in the park, on a walk in the woods, in the garden, even on the balcony ... anywhere!

This is a great way to find nature's treasures and encourages children to use all their senses. Both children and adults can play it. No two games will be the same. The cards represent the different sensations and sensory qualities found outside in nature.

Zielony Detektyw_PL
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Sample game rules:

1. THE QUICKEST WINS - Shuffle the cards, deal 5-10 cards to each participant. Give away baskets and bags to collect the finds. The one who completes the finds faster wins. If you cannot collect the finds, you can take a photo.

2. WHO COMES FIRST, WINS - Shuffle the cards, turn the first one, and the race begins ... the player who comes to base first with a find wins.

3. BEST MATCH - Deal 3 cards to each participant. The player must then find a thing that meets all 3 characteristics shown on the cards. The first player to find such an item wins.

4. OWN RULES - You play according to your own rules, adapted to the situation and number of children.

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