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as Inclusive Green
Learning Places

Learning and exchanging educational smart practices in the context of gardens

At heart

This is a short paragraph about our "building blocks" / our principles. We could change the title and the text to whatever we want. Let's talk about our experience, our dreams, achievements etc. 

Our values

Coming from different backgrounds and regions, we share a common vision of green spaces as places for inclusion and integration through green education.



We believe gardens play a key role in sustaining and improving the urban ecosystem. They help to mitigate the consequences of climate change and to improve the quality of life in the cities.



Education, whenever it is an implementation of new technologies, gardening methods or raising awareness about healthy and sustainable living, is at the centre of our focus.



Green spaces stimulate citizens' participation, empower community members and help them to safeguard common goods, leading to improvment of mental and physical health.



Green spaces improve social inclusion and integration. They support the participation of people with disabilities, and involve people of all ages, genders, economic and cultural backgrounds.

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Our Goal

We aim at raising awareness about the importance of the gardens in the cities. Our common goal is to establish the best methods and practices that support the concepts of inclusion and integration in the community-run green spaces. 

Our team

We are a collective of organizations and institutions focused on non-formal education in the context of garden-based solutions. We strive for the inclusion of people with disabilities and the integration of socially excluded groups.

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Building raised beds for wheelchair users can be really fun! In July we participated in a building workshop organized by Tuml project and Elisabeet garden.

Check TUML’s Instagram to read more about their work

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